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Turkish Blankets Famous Brands in 2020

The extraordinary softness , as well as the pleasant warmth of the Turkish blankets, make it an ideal choice for the cold days and nights of the year. The fibers used in this blanket model, in addition to being soft, can keep the body warm and prevent the person from feeling cold in the cold seasons of the year.

Turkish Blankets Famous Brands in 2020

What are the bestselling types of turkish blankets?

What are the bestselling types of turkish blankets? The bestselling types of Turkish blankets are:

Cotton blankets:

Usually these days, blankets made of pure cotton are no longer available. Currently, most cotton blankets on the market are a combination of cotton yarn and synthetic fibers such as acrylic and polyester.

Two-layer blankets:

Two-layer blankets are the best choice for cold winter days for those who are reluctant to use heavy quilts.

Organic blankets:

The price of these blankets is a bit high, but it is a very good option for people who suffer from allergic diseases and skin allergies.

Wool blankets:

This type of blanket is one of the hottest choices for people who are very sensitive to cold. Because one of the most important properties of wool is that it absorbs heat well.

Glass wool blankets:

These blankets can be the best choice for children and people with sensitive skin or respiratory problems. Usually in this type of blankets, a light layer of glass wool is sewn between large cotton fabrics, which reduces the possibility of direct skin and respiratory contact with glass wool to zero.

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Demand of Turkish blankets in asian market

Demand of Turkish blankets in asian market

Export of blankets to neighboring countries and other Asian and Persian Gulf countries such as Iraq; Syria; Afghanistan; Pakistan and … exported. Turkey’s neighbors buy the product directly from the land and export it to the Gulf states from the South Sea.

Export blankets are from reputable and quality brands that meet international standards. The blankets are traded in international markets due to their global use, and the first-class type has a hot market.

this  blankets are also available in the global market due to their unique quality and reasonable price. The bulk export of blankets is a strong point for reputable manufacturers who have thus been able to enter the global market and make high profits.

To buy a Turkish blanket, you can apply through the licensed agencies of the original Turkish brands, as well as commercial companies and private and semi-private shopping centers. By directly purchasing all kinds of Turkish blankets from manufacturing plants, these centers have provided affordable and quality shopping for all buyers.

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